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Please view the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers below before contacting the QEI for assistance.

1. My email has changed so the system can't send me my Username and Password.

If you have forgotten your login information and you no longer have access to the email address currently registered with the QEI website, use the email link below to send us your new email address. Your account will be updated with the new email address and your username and password will be sent to that email.

2. I am not able to stay logged into the QEI web site.

If you can successfully log into the QEI web site and then get taken back to the login page, you are having an issue with cookies and your browser. Browser cookies tell the QEI who you are after you login. Please see our page on enabling cookies on your browser. If you are still having issues after reviewing that page, you could be having problems with a firewall, or anti-virus, anti-spyware software on your computer. If you are accessing the QEI from a computer in your school district, please contact your school's computer support staff for assistance. If you are accessing the QEI from home, please consult the manuals for any firewall, anti-virus or anti-spyware software that is loaded on your machine.