become a QEI provider

Thank you for your interest in becoming a professional development provider for the QEI. Before you sign up, first read through the criteria in the box on the left. If you qualify, then please read through and agree to the information below.

Quality Educator Interactive Professional Development Provider Agreement

As a QEI Professional Development Opportunity Provider, we agree to the following:

1. QEI Providers are responsible for all aspects of the postings they list on the QEI website. This includes, but is not limited to, content, description, cost, URL accuracy, timeline, and standards correlation.

2. QEI Providers may be reviewed annually for approval by the QEI, Inc. Board of Directors.

3. All postings on the QEI site must be aligned with at least one educator standard.

4. The QEI, Inc Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse QEI Provider status to any applicant.