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Fly Agaric Mushroom

A Picture of the Central Sands in Buckhorn State Park

The Central Sands

starfish on a rock


Wheat field

front view of stoughton city hall

Stoughton City Hall and Opera House

milkweed plant

Common milkweed plant

Cave Point 2

Swamp White Oak

soybean close-up

Soybean close-up

Milwaukee Art Museum 1

Milwaukee Art Museum 2

tobacco plants if a field

Tobacco field

Tobacco barn with tobacco hanging to cure

Duroc hog

Brown Swiss Cow

Tower Hill tunnel looking out

Tower Hill and Wisconsin River Valley view

cheshire white pig

Cheshire White hog


Milkweed pods


Aurora on Saturn

Cave Point 1

Ice Plates on Lake Monona

Wisconsin River in winter

Wisconsin RIver WInter

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