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Free America

Beetle on a Pumpkin

Beetle on a Pumpkin

pine tree in front of sunset

Evergreen Beauty

A Look Beyond


Frog Stare Down

Kiwanis Park as fog lifts

Frosty Trees

Posing Frog

katydid in hand

New Friend

Glass Branches


Middle A Nowhere Mail

Music Bench


Marsh Life

historic bridge

Historic Bridge

electric railroad

Tracks of East Troy

cloud tower reflects colors of sunset

Cloud Tower

Nest of Blue

Tomato Hornworm and Wasp eggs

Water Balloon Popping

Snow Covered Pine Tree

Frosty Morning

berries on tree branch against sunset

Silhouetted Sunset

Tree Shadow in Puddle

Tunnel Hideaway

Cricket Friends

Frozen Dew Drops

crab apples frozen in winter

Crabapple tree in winter

tree bark

Tree Bark

Grassy hill