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Sheboygan Marsh

Robin Eggs

Grasshopper in lily

foggy lake in woods

Foggy Lake

cranes over field

Cranes Flying

Light Light

Cremonese Transport

calm water reflecting summer trees


butterfly on thistle

Butterfly on Thistle

A peak of Washington

Hay Bales in Field

cherry blossoms over graves in Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery

Standing in High Water

Parting the Sea


Quacky Duck

Little Hopper

Good Morning Sunshine

Criss-cross Geese

American Beauty

tower of kegs in brewery

Titletown Kegs Tower

Bridge over the Water

Cornfield with an Old Barn

Barn and House

an old white barn and silo

Barn with Silo

Last Bit of Snow



Train on Tracks

train track

Train Tracks


caterpillar extreme close up


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